December 23, 2013 – Cannibal Ducks

Yes. Its true! Cannibal ducks exist; they are hungry, nasty creatures with wild red eyes… That may be an EGGxaggeration but it was still putrid. We were driving along in a tuk-tuk (taxi), enjoying the breeze hitting our sweat-pooled faces, when I look to my right and I see two ducks. One was on top of the other, and I thought, Oh awkward they’re mating. However, upon second glance, I saw the red-eyed duck on top chewing the neck of the lifeless creature beneath it. Are you wishing you hadn’t have read this post, or do you wish I snapped a picture? 

 This week flew by (that’s not a duck pun)… Last Saturday we began having English classes. Of course, only one person showed up because everyone else in the ward had forgotten about it. Sin embargo, it was pretty cool. A lot of people are excited to learn and always perk up when they hear we are going to teach English. 

 You know you are gonna have a bad day when you step in poop. I didn’t even see it, I was just looking ahead after a wonderful appointment with Adolfo when – SQUISH. My poor crocs. Had to step in a couple street puddles to get THAT off. Almost immediately after that my throat started getting a little sore, then a recent convert couldn’t understand my Spanish. Then she gave me sketchy honey on a spoon because I coughed once… Man. Hombre. That was a DAY!

 Speaking of Adolfo, he is a 60-year-old Catholic who really wants to change. He was a referral from a member, and has a tentative baptismal date in January! The only issue now is getting him to church. He works a lot, and sometimes his boss will randomly need him. Besides that he is really progressing! I spoke of Anai in previous emails, and she is still really great – but it may not be her time yet. Maybe with another pair of missionaries in the near future! 

 This week really has been a week of miracles. The hardest part (besides getting them to church) is finding positive people to teach. And fijando citas (making appointments) with them when we find them. But we found a couple – Hector and Jennifer, and they are great. We have only taught them once, but he was really receptive and was anticipating the next appointment, which unfortunately fell through. Next time! Also we had another teen of 13, Evelyn. She also accepted January 11 as her baptismal date. The Lord blesses us when we work hard! 

 Anyway, things are going well and I am no longer brown-eyed I guess. My companion says I have greenish-brown eyes. So yeah.

 Write me!

 Hermana Page

 PS This picture I love. Her name is Pati and she is the most adorable little girl I’ve ever met.  Every time she sees us, she comes running for a hug.



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