December 16, 2013 – I Hate Dogs Now

l’ll explain the subject in a second but…

SHOUTOUT to those who wished me a happy birthday via letter! I would write you back but I don’t have a lot of time: Thank you Aunt Patty, Aunt Carrie, Will/Josh, Auberry YW, and Nam. You guys rock! 
Today marks exactly 2 months of being a missionary. Woah, weird. I can’t tell if time is going slowly or quickly anymore. What is time? I have no concept. Also, it does NOT feel like Christmas here. People have just gotten out of school and are on summer vacation! Their winter is just ending, yet are celebrating Christmas. Personally, there just aren’t enough overplayed Christmas pop songs or chaotic shopping centers here. ‘Merica! Enjoy it ya’ll!
A couple days ago we were chased by 3 angry barking dogs. The owner could’ve called them off, but I think he was hiding, and was grateful that his animals were scaring us away. We escaped into the knee-high vegetation running as fast as we could. I was afraid for what was hiding in the greenery, but my crocs held up and we left unscathed! (not counting my mosquito bites – one night I came home with 16 bites on my legs!) Yes mom, I am wearing bug spray. But it is a thin veil for the hungry Guatemalan mosquitos. 
We taught a man and began with a hymn “La Luz de La Verdad”. I asked if he liked to sing and he said he didn’t know how. We chuckled and then began. Geez he really wasnt kidding around! Because Hna. Goddard and I sang soprano, he thought he had to hit those notes too. I look up from my hymn book and see him intently focused on the words, trying to reach every ridiculous note with his feeble voice. It really did take all my strength not to laugh. 
On a spiritual note, the rest of that visit was incredible. He had really good questions when we taught him the Restauracion. Very attentive and enjoyed learning. When we asked him to pray at the end, the spirit was so strong that he shed tears. We left him a Book of Mormon and set a return date. It definitely confirmed my testimony of the power of the Spirit, no matter the language, people, or culture. It speaks to us all the same. 
Although he felt the spirit, he also is subject to the enticings of Satan, as we all are. Unfortunately something occurred and he is now hiding from us. It may have been a friend who convinced him to sway or something, but either way it is evident that Satan is a real being and is working extremely hard to prevent people from hearing the truth and finding joy in the gospel. This is why we must be strong and must endure to the end. It is just as important as baptism and repentance – we teach that enduring to the end is one of the principles of the gospel, and so we must!  Favorite scripture 2 Nephi 31:20 .. Talks about enduring to the end.
Remember the most important thing in this world is the gospel, and how it blesses our families for eternity.
Hermana Page
Hermana Goddard and I after eating delicious tamales in a members house.
Platanos, beans and chips. . . I eat almost everyday for any meal– SO Good!
Here we are in Dominos for lunch . . all the Hermanas in our District.
Here is the view from our house. . .  very typical rural street in my area.

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