Dec. 9, 2013 – Esta Mejorando (It’s getting better

We just returned from a 4 hour drive to the capital (8 total) to sign a paper for our visas. This morning we had to leave at 4am. Needless to say, I am exhausted. It was nice to see all my missionary friends from the CCM. Also because we were rushed, I dont have my paper of things I wanted to say in this email! RATS

So I dont forget, here is the address for packages and letters for the extent of my mission:
Hermana Andrea Page
Mision Guatemala Retalhuleu
Boulevard Centenario, Zona 2, Salida Coatepeque
Apartado Postal No. 26
Retalhuleu  GUATEMALA
C.A. 11001
So entonces (then)… As the subject of the email states, this week was a lot better. Im starting to get used to the way things work here. Its still incredibly difficult to get up at 6:30 every morning, and also to stay awake during language and personal study. ¡Ay! Sleep is my favorite. Soon I hope missionary work will be my favorite 😉
This week we taught una bruja (witch). We didnt realize it until halfway through the lesson when we were talking about being baptized by the right authority. She said she has the authority to heal people as she extends her arm and yells. She did the same thing when we asked her to pray at the end… a lot of hand-raising, prayer-yelling chaos. It was kinda scary… Not to mention she had one milky white eye that shot straight up. We didnt set a return appointment.
We are teaching a bright young 20 yr old girl named Anai. She seems honestly interested in learning about the gospel, but hasnt attended church because she has been busy. When we met with her the second time, she told us she had a dream about us taking her to church – and in the dream she told her mom she was choosing this. It was interesting to hear! Im not a dream interpreter, but God works in mysterious ways! We are praying for her to find time to Church and have citas (appointments) with us.
Our area is somewhat notorious for being difficult. Meaning, it is hard to find people that are interested, especially families that are interested. We do a lot of walking around and getting rejected (kindly though), but its okay because we are doing the best we can to bring people to the truth of Christs love and his established Church. Right now my companion and I are mulling over the question, How do we get people to care? If you have any ideas, send em my way!
The most important things in life are those that will last for eternity. Dont lose sight of whats most important!
Hermana Page

One thought on “Dec. 9, 2013 – Esta Mejorando (It’s getting better

  1. GC, Barb, y Rosy says:

    We are drawing strength from your example of serving the Lord
    The Yalecrest Pack

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