Week 5 – “Our Rock”

This is my last time emailing from the CCM!
Its hard to believe Ive been here for 5 weeks; I feel like I havent improved, and that my Spanish is getting worse. Of course, thats not true – I just feel that way sometimes. I really am excited to get out into my mission though! Everybody needs the gospel!
My teaching has definitely improved; I dont need to bring notes to lessons anymore, just my Libro de Mormon and Plan de Salvacion jiggers if necessary. The Lord has definitely blessed me with Spanish, and Im extremely grateful for it. Many people in my district are suffering though (not our fault we were named “Job”), and we only have a week left! I started getting worried for them, and for myself. However the CCM isnt to make Nortes fluent, but to have them know enough Spanish to bear testimony and help the investigators feel the Spirit. We dont convince people of the truth – the Spirit is the teacher. He testifies in the way we cant.
Sometimes I just have to laugh at people, my district in particular. Somehow they got on the subject of their high school experiences. This then, of course, led to the argument of how THEIR school was the most ghetto. Wait, what? Really? “We had three deaths!” “I saw a guy get beat up!” “4 teachers died!” “Everyone was drugged up all the time everywhere!” It was as if they wanted to “one-up” everyone else. They probably didnt realize it, but to me it seemed like a Brian Reagan “I Walked On the Moon” situation. YouTube it.
Last week we went to the Mercado (the market?). It was nice to get out of the CCM. We took a bus toward the middle of the city and hopped out onto the streets of Guatemala! Wow things are different. Unfortunately my camera had died from our last field trip, so i didnt take any pictures. My comp will email them later. Anyway, The market is three stories underground! You can bargain with them, but its pretty cheap anyway so I just bought it at the given price. Some elders in my district got ripped off though. I bought a couple little things on the touristy level, then we went down to the food market and WOAH. Swarms of people, hunks of wreaking massive meats, loud incoherent spanish. It was shocking. Culturally. We had to stay with the elders in our districts so they could “watch out for us”. Good thing we did! I thought there was a guy following my comp and I from the meat market. I was overly paranoid though – he was just walking to the next floor. Fun experience!
Surrounding the CCM are a couple fitness centers and a “presentation center”. At certain times in the day, they blast music that is definitely not found in the hymn book. We were outside by the courts, learning how to introduce a scripture before the investigator reads, when the fitness center started playing “We Found Love” by Rihanna. It took all my self-discipline not to dance or sing along, especially after not hearing that kind of music for a month. If you know me, you know I never resist the urge to dance. Not only did they play it once, but they played it twice, and thrice, and, uh.. fourthice. They must have been practicing for a recital or something because it was repeated and turned up to a level almost too hard to bear. Then I thought of this cool analogy that helped me – the CCM is kinda like our soul, or spiritual resistance. The music is the worlds attempt to get us to disobey and fall into temptation. It is always present and trying to knock us over, but just remember Helaman 5:12. Christ is our rock.
Al campo yo voy!  (To the field I go)
Hermana Page

3 thoughts on “Week 5 – “Our Rock”

  1. Lara Mortensen says:

    Hermana Page’s family, I want you to know that I love reading your daughters letters. My son arrived at the Guatemala CCM 2 weeks after your daughter did and I’ve looked for blogs of missionaries serving in Guatemala to find out what their experience is. He will be serving in the Guatemala City East mission when he leaves the CCM. I love Hermana Page’s sense of humor and the way she describes everything! She seems like a rock solid kind of girl. You must be very proud of her!

    • hermanapage says:

      Lara, My husband and I have been doing the same thing… following other missionaries blogs that are serving in my daughter’s mission. Its a great way to find out more information because they don’t give them much time to write so we are trying to fill in the gaps. Good luck to your son!

  2. Curtis W Page says:

    Sister Page. I love your letters you are a great writer. I have a feeling you will do a powerful , wonderful work for The Lord. Some missionaries have a more powerful influence as teachers and leaders I know that will be you. Have no second thoughts of the truth of this work it is real and eternal. Joleen and I and the Schroer’s just got back from touring some plantations in Mississippi and Louisiana it was incredible to see these beautifull homes and hear the stories of their families. Families are so important to most honest souls. Even when I do appraisals I see tons of photos of families on the walls of the homes you’re doing a great work in bringing families together forever. Love you Curtis

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