WEEK 4 CCM “Don’t be a Wild Horse!”

¡Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

I chose a computer that has a functional return key, so THAT’S nice. I still think to myself, why dont they have a dang apostrophe? Silly Spanish, not using possessives like they should… do I sound like an ignorant American yet?

Ive conversed with Latinas from almost every South American and Central American country. Peru, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina. There are probably more, but I dont remember them. Its pretty cool to watch them share traditions with each other, and with us. Sometimes they arent terribly friendly, but usually its because theyre afraid to talk to Nortes or think we are stuck up. Thats easily changed with a couple friendly smiles and conversations. That can apply with anyone.

Well everybody: Im getting fat. Yep. The stereotypical “Youre gonna get fat at the MTC” scenario is coming to pass. “Y aconteció, que Hermana Page llegó a ser muy muy gorda…” Thats in the scriptures, right? Its not really my fault! They fill up our plates with delicious food, and expect us to eat it all. So what do I do? I say a quick prayer of thanks and then shove everything I see into my mouth, in under 5 minutes. But it is okay, because we are all getting fat. Two weeks ago, one of the sisters (that had been here for 6 weeks) said she gained 15 lbs!! Its a trap! With us, there is NO conversation during dinner. Whereas all the Latinas are cheerfully conversing in their endless Spanish, the Nortes are chowing DOWN.Like I said, we are all in the same boat. Any more food and we”re gonna sink.

I thought as time would pass that my sense of humor would dwindle, but its getting even better – especially now that people are getting to know me and my super dry sarcasm. Even so, my best jokes go unnoticed, which is too bad because I think Im pretty funny (something fell off of me… was it my humility?). As long as think Im funny, Ill always be there to laugh at my own jokes! Yeah!! *high five myself*

Its hard to realize that we only have 2 weeks left here in the CCM, especially considering how quickly these last two weeks went. Often I think, “Man, I am just READY to get out of here and do the work!” On the other hand Ill respond to myself, “But its so comfortable here! Leaving would be such a hassle.” Basically, Im anxious to go, but scared at what Ill find out there! The Lord will help me with whatever though – I know thats true.

Last Tuesday we had a really cool devotional about the importance of the temple – and how that is essentially the main goal in the gospel. Our MTC President Nicolaysen said “The difference between worthy and perfect is repentance.” Often we feel, upon walking into the bishops office or entering the temple, that we arent worthy because we arent perfect. But worthiness is reliant upon our repentance! Its a process.

Also, last Sunday he gave another insightful devotional about obedience. He started out with an analogy about wild horses, and “breaking them in.” One way is to force it into obedience, which takes a couple days but is a painful process. The other way is the “horse-whispering method.” (Sorry if Im butchering this explanation, horse-lovers). This method takes a really long time, but is not painful. You can probably already see the analogy – how we represent the horses. As a wild horse, sure there is freedom; but the horse is unsuitable for any purpose. We must continually humble ourselves (whispering method – whisperings of the Spirit), or we will be humbled (the other way). As I was sitting there listening to this perfect object lesson, I thought about the scripture that says to come unto Christ with a “broken heart and a contrite spirit.” I would always think, Well why do I have to be sad? Broken heart means sad, right? But this lesson taught me that “broken” (like the horses) means that we are humble. We “break” our pride, not our spirits. I liked that explanation better.

In a 2010 devotional they played for us this week, Elder Holland related the mission to the dentist. Dont put a crown over a nasty tooth! (Sorry Im butchering this explanation too, dentists) Dont cover up bad habits and sinful ways with a facade of obedience. We should allow the mission to completely change us for the better. Root canal? I dont know.

Anyway, thats all I have to report. Peace out.

Hermana Page


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