“Be Still My Soul” Week 3

 I miss America. Nothing in particular, just the familiarity and comfort of what I know and understand. Every day we walk to a chapel, which is behind the temple.  On the way, we pass by a gas station.  I like to call it the Valley of Near Death.  Guess who has NO right-of-way? The pedestrian.  My companion and I cling to each other as we cautiously and frantically look around for cars signaling if they’re coming in or hurriedly exiting.  It’s frightening, but it keeps us awake, so that’s good!
Last week we got a new flood of “norte americanos”, which included about 8 new sisters and 15 or so new elders.  It’s a big bunch!  They’re alright.  The Latinos this time around aren’t quite as friendly; in fact, I can feel their animosity toward North Americans in general, but oh well!  Maybe the next batch will be sweeter. These cookies had too much salt or something.  You salty, brah? Sorry; Hawaiian companion…
Last week on P-day, we went to Walmart!  But before we could arrive, we were leaving a chapel where we played games, and the bus got stuck in a dip.  It’s a huge bus, and it was completely perpendicular to the flow of traffic, taking up all but one lane.  The elders all got off the bus (we did too, for fear of dying) and started to push the bus.  It didn’t work.  They even got in groups and took turns, one loud Poly leader shouting “Okay, GROUP A – SWITCH!”  It was like military drill.  Anyway, it took about 10 minutes, but after the sisters had a prayer and the elders beefed up their strength, the bus budged and we were on our way!  It was cool to see the elders gather together in a united group and say a prayer of thanks.  Wal-Mart was super unorganized and they didn’t have mints! Guatemala doesn’t have mints?! Whaaa…
We play sports every night, and unfortunately for me the only two available sports are soccer and basketball.  My least favorite, YES!  Ha, but Hermana Jordan (one of the 4 in our super close knit group of sisters) was playing soccer and tried doing a fancy move, and fell.  She’s been on crutches for a few days now, and is visiting the doctor as I type.  If she tore something crucial in her knee, she’s going to have to go home, we are all praying for her.
So I’ve been called as a Sister Training Leader, along with one of the other viejos (older) (norte) here.  Basically my responsibilities include; going to meetings where I don’t understand anything they’re saying, being the person that gets mad when lights aren’t off at 10:30, and I have in my possession a “Botaquin”, which has medicines to alleveiate minor pains – to take some stress off the nurse.  It’s kinda stressful, especially in those meetings where I can only understand about 40% of what they’re rattling off to us in Spanish.  That was on Sunday, and I was feeling pretty down about not understanding what I’m supposed to do, feeling like a child, and all of those low sentimientos (feelings). Then I started humming “Be Still My Soul”, and I almost immediately felt the Lord’s comfort.  Now I hum that everytime I feel frustrated, nervous, or stressed.  It’s becoming my favorite hymn.
Well, I’m sorry I don’t have any nuggets of spiritual wisdom this time around – I’m just a kid trying my best to fulfill a calling, sometimes discontented by circumstances but ALWAYS led by the Lord.
Hermana Page

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