Andrea’s “continued existence”

Arrived at Guatemala CCM  (MTC)  October 16, 2013

Well Mom, youll be happy to know that Im alive in Guatemala. I only have 5 minutes to write, for which purpose I am letting you know of my continued existence. Este dia era muy larga. Soy la persona con lo mas experiencia con espanol en mi distrito. Is that right? I seem to be answering all the questions and understanding more. Anyway, most of las hermanas dont speak english, so I have been actively using my limited Spanish already! Language barriers are really difficult, but I guess that makes me more determined to learn it better. Okay I have to go! This keyboard is loco crazy. I don{t know how to use punctuation, obviously. Some guy in my district mispronounced “pronounciation” today. In english. Ironic? Everything seems surreal and Im just really tired. They gave us a couple hours to sleep, but I didnt sleep much. When we landed in Guatemala city all the Guatemalans clapped. I thought it was cute, must be a cultural thing.


Okay bye

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